Kyushu University marked its centennial anniversary 2011. In our centennial year, we have set the mission; “With continual and autonomous reforms, while guaranteeing educational quality at an international level, we will aim to be a top-level education and research hub marked by vitality and a willingness to address future issue.” In order to fulfill this mission, we also set the motto; “Lead to the Next 100 years, Leap to the Best 100 world”, and which expresses our commitment to making our institution one of the world’s top 100 universities in every academic field.
The Top Global University Project is a Japanese governmental funding project that aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan. Kyushu University was chosen as one of the Type A universities, which is the category for universities conducting world-class education and research that have the potential to be ranked in the top 100 in the world. Thus, this project has the same mission and the goal with ourselves.
In the three main domains of education, research and health care, Kyushu University aims to lead the world and make a greater leap forward. We will establish the world’s top research and education hub in Ito, the new main campus will be completed in 2018. We recognize that our university is expected to be a global center of knowledge and to prosper together with the city where it is based and keep growing so that local citizens will take pride in us and rely on us as one of the leading universities in Japan.


Over the centuries, the environments in which universities find themselves at home and abroad have changed dramatically. Amidst these changes, Kyushu University has been taking constant steps forward, following its clear vision and direction, while meeting the various demands of the times.
Kyushu University will continue to keep tackling the issues of the future.

President, Kyushu University
Chiharu Kubo

Kyushu University is a comprehensive research university, aiming to establish the world’s top research and education hub in Kyushu District, Japan. Our plan, “SHARE-Q”, is a package of enhancement and renovation of research, education and governance, including expansion of world collaborative research, global human resource development, reforming governance system, as well as effective reputation management system. SHARE-Q covers the activities for encouraging international research, establishment of a new undergraduate school, rapid decision making process, and strategic information delivery. The project of main campus move to a new location, Ito, will be completed in 2018, where SHARE-Q accelerates and embodies the future shape of the university.

Senior Vice President for the Top Global University Project, Kyushu University
Kazuo Ogata