Japan-Australia University Symposium 2015 (November 24, 2015)

Kyushu University hosted the Japan-Australia University Symposium 2015, ‘Towards Successful Partnerships: Learning from Experiences’ in Sydney on November 24, 2015, co-hosted by The University of Sydney. This symposium was held as one of the activities of Kyushu University’s Top Global University Project ‘SHARE-Q’. Furthermore, it was an unprecedented experiment for a Japanese university to host a large-scale event in Australia with approximately 130 attendees from 29 Australian institutions, including 24 universities along with 29 universities amongst the 32 Japanese institutions which participated.
The symposium started with an Opening Address by Kyushu University president Prof. Kubo, followed by Keynote Speeches from Prof. Ellis, The University of Tokyo and Prof. Taylor, Australian National University. In the afternoon session, three Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Governance, Education and Research) were held to share the experiences about the partnerships between both countries. Speakers and audiences then held intense discussions regarding ‘What are the lessons learned from past experiences?’, ‘What are the key elements for the partnerships?’, ‘What are the gaps between the universities of Japan and Australia?’ and ‘How can we construct successful partnerships?’ in the Floor Discussion Session. Several measures were suggested to construct successful partnerships in the areas of Governance, Education and Research, and also they discussed the necessity of developing structured partnerships from intimate individual relationships. The one-day symposium was closed successfully, along with the Poster Presentation by TGU universities.
Through this event, Japanese universities had an opportunity to raise their reputation in Australia, and also the symposium provided an opportunity for attendees to reaffirm the importance of Japan-Australia university partnerships and to determine to promote further strategic effective partnerships by gaining a better understanding of the past experiences and current situations.

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