Kyushu University Global Advisory Board 2nd Meeting Held

On February 19th, 2018, Kyushu University Global Advisory Board 2nd Meeting was held at Shiiki Auditorium large conference room. The theme was “Reputation Management of Kyushu University”
Global Advisory Board meeting was established with the aim of receiving opinions from international experts outside the university on internationalization and governance reform of our university.
In the board meeting, after opening speech by President Chiharu Kubo, explanation of theme of 2nd GAB meeting by Kazuo Ogata (Senior Vice President & Manager of SHARE Office), and then, explanation of Reputation Management of Kyushu University by Makoto Aratono Vice President (Head of RM unit) followed. After Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LCC asked a consult in order to give shape to RM reported about their report, opinions were exchanged among board members, President, and Executive vice Presidents.
The board members expressed their opinion on the necessity and way to develop the strength and feature of Kyushu University, and also appraised our current international public relations with SNS.
Three following member attended the 2nd meeting.
Monte Cassim
(Professor of Ritsumeikan Research Center for Sustainability Science
and Assistant Trustee, The Ritsumeikan Trust)
Richard B. Dasher
(Director.US-Asia Technology Management Center, Standford University)
Rovert Huang
(former Director ThreePro Group, Inc)