Lecture by Professor Monte Cassim
former APU president

We invited Professor Monte Cassim of former APU president and Professor of Ritsumeikan Research Center for Sustainability Science on Monday 19 th February 2018 and held a lecture -True engagement in university branding… a scenario based on “Inclusive Innovation”- The lecture was held at Ito Gest House, and about 60 faculty members participated.
Professor Monte Cassim has been the President of APU and Vice Chancellor of Ritumeikan Trust, and has a lot of knowledge about internationalization and education reform of Kyushu university. He is also a board member of GAB which opines internationalization and administration reform in Kyushu University.
The lecture by Professor Cassim was highly suggestive based on his experience. After the lecture, a question and answer session with the participants was held and closed by Senior Vice President Ogata.
Video (Only available in Moodle in Kyushu universiry)
Cassim氏講演会02 Cassim氏講演会01 Cassim氏講演会04