FY2017 the 3rd SHARE-Q Seminar Held
(Comprehensive SD) (Mar, 2nd, 2018)

On March 2nd, 2018, the 3rd SHARE-Q Seminar was held. The theme was “Thinking about the internationalization of organization – Kyushu University’s challenge toward a world class university.” The seminar was held at I2CNER hall in Ito campus.

This seminar was held as one of the activities of Kyushu University’s Top Global University Project which started in Oct. 2014. Its aims are to increase the recognition of the project itself and of its goals to achieve, and to accelerate the movement.

The purpose of the 3rd seminar was, based on I2CNER’s experience, the pursuit of ideal organization in order to study great researches globally. This seminar was proceeded by a Vice President, Prof. Ogata (Head of SHARE Office), the profile of WPI program was explained by Prof. Ishihara (Associate Director) and then, the work of administrative office for internationalization was explained by Mr. Masuda (Administrative Director). After having the question and answer session with attendees, the seminar was completed by a Closing Address by a Vice President, Prof. Ogata.

In this series of seminars, other activities to accelerate SHARE-Q project will be discussed in the future.

— Pics —-

3rd-SHARE-Q 01
Vice President, Prof. Ogata

3rd-SHARE-Q 03
Associate Director Prof. Ishihara

3rd-SHARE-Q 02
Administrative Director Mr. Masuda

3rd-SHARE-Q 05